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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

Issue 328PC Pro 328 cover

  • REVIEW OF THE MONTH: Intel 12th generation Core.The past decade has been a story of incremental improvements for Intel’s processor. This generation is different: not only does Intel switch to the same Big.Little philosophy favoured by ARM chips, but it transforms how much computing power is on tap. The technology comes with caveats but if you’re on the hunt for a powerful gaming machine then we now know exactly which chip we’d choose as its base.
  • PREDICTIONS OF THE MONTH: We asked the PC Pro team – and a few real experts – to give us their predictions for 2022. Let’s hope that Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook aren’t regular readers.
  • SHOPPING LIST OF THE MONTH: Whether your budget is £10, £100 or £1,000, we think you’ll find something to tempt you in our carefully chosen selection of technology gifts.
  • THE LABS IN ONE LETTER: Why “i”? Because the iPad in its various forms is still king of the tablets – but this year’s Android competition has raised the stakes in the quest to depose it.
  • ROBOT OF THE MONTH: Tesla Bot. Elon Musk recently announced the arrival of the Tesla Bot, a “friendly” humanoid robot with AI for a brain and a screen for a face.
  • AND more...

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