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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

January 2021 - issue 315

PC Pro cover January 2021 - issue number 315

  • Tailor Windows 10for you: Different users will have completely different needs. Luckily, you can easily tweak Windows 10’s settings to suit yours. Barry Collins shows how to make the operating system work and look better for three use cases: gaming, homeworking and family PCs.
  • Labs - 22 backup suites on test: Whether you’re looking for simplicity or sophistication, we exhaustively test 22 products designed to meet your backup needs. test. Eight of them are completely free – because if backup seems like a chore, having to pay for it feels like adding insult to injury.
  • Turn your PC into a 1980s computer: Pining for the simpler, more colourful days of Windows 2.0 and the games that consumed your teenage years? Nik Rawlinson explains how you can still load Windows 2.o (with a bit of fiddling), and finds out how to play nostalgic games on either your Raspberry Pi or PC via an easy-to-install emulator.
  • Review of the month - Microsoft Surface Duo: Flexible screens are so yesterday. So Microsoft evidently believes, with its twin-screen Surface Duo finally emerging in the US. Now comes the tough part of convincing other people of the benefits of a new style of device. The bad news for Microsoft? Its first UK customer is Jon Honeyball, who was curious enough to spend $1,399 to import a unit before it lands on these shores.
  • And a lot more...

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