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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

March 2020 - issue 305

PC Pro cover March 2020 - issue number 305

  • Windows 7 rescue kit: Windows 7 has reached its end of life, but what if you don't want to abandon ship? We explore the options for users still clinging to Windows 7 machines that will let you keep running the OS for many years to come.
  • Organise your life with Trello: If you always find yourself swamped with projects and plans, Nik Rawlinson may have the answer: a free service that's perfect for getting your personal and work tasks in order.
  • Review of the month - Apple MacBook Pro 16in: The best laptop ever made? It's certainly one of the most powerful, and most expensive, with the top option costing almost £6,000. Read our full review.
  • NAS servers - One box to rule them all: A NAS is the one box every home and business should have. We put nine flexible devices through their paces to find a winner.
  • Deep Dive - Event viewer: Ever wondered what's actually going on behind the scenes on your PC? Darien Graham-Smith delves into the - sometimes bewildering - Windows too that reveals it all.
  • Review - AMD Ryzen 9 3950X: With astonishing multithreaded power, the 16-core 3950X outguns all rivals for a reasonable price.
  • And a lot more...

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